May 192016
Biker Friendly Accommodation in Spain

Motorbike guests on the way home! Spain is a very biker friendly country with a tremendously good road infrastructure – and far fewer cars than in the UK or many other countries in Europe.  This makes for an ideal place to enjoy a ride on your motorbike if you are a resident here and of course a great holiday destination for a motorbike road trip. We have always been pleased to welcome guests on a […]

Aug 282012
Motorcycle Friendly Accommodation

We received a reservation some time back from a group of 8 French motor bikers, who were keen to stay with us because of our convenient location for an overnight stop between Almeria and Sitges (their next port of call), as well as because of the fact that we offer free and secure parking for their bikes. They said they were a group of friends from the Lyons area who often holiday together on motorbike […]

Apr 122012
Motorbike Friendly Accommodation

David and Caroline from Devon arrived for a couple of nights with their two children on their motorbikes – they were enjoying a touring holiday around Spain, starting from the Santander ferry, and returning the same way. In fact, we were the furthest point of their trip, having looped around the northern part of the country earlier on in their visit. They decided they wanted a couple of days relaxation before starting back for the […]