May 192016
Biker Friendly Accommodation in Spain

Motorbike guests on the way home! Spain is a very biker friendly country with a tremendously good road infrastructure – and far fewer cars than in the UK or many other countries in Europe.  This makes for an ideal place to enjoy a ride on your motorbike if you are a resident here and of course a great holiday destination for a motorbike road trip. We have always been pleased to welcome guests on a […]

Dec 212015
2015 Year in Review

Villa Florencia Gandia 2015 has been a busy year for us all at Villa Florencia, with a constant succession of guests both old and new. This marks our 9th full year of welcoming visitors into our home and it is great to see so many of them coming back to us year after year. Our general mix of guests this year was very much along the usual lines, with a large number coming (not surprisingly) […]

May 202015
Dog Groomers from Holland

Dog Groomers from Holland At Villa Florencia we are always keen to support our local animal rescue centre (S.P.A.M.A. Safor), where they give shelter to homeless and abandoned animals – mainly dogs and cats – in our local area. Our own dogs have all been adopted from S.P.A.M.A. Safor and they rely heavily on support from the local community as well as from overseas. They have built up strong connections with animal rescue organisations in […]

Mar 302015
Las Fallas & Easter Fiestas

Las Fallas Fiesta in Gandia! “Las Fallas” is one of the biggest fiestas of the year in the Valencia region – it’s the one that everyone has seen pictures about, where the different districts of each town build huge wood and papier-mâché effigies about local events and then they all get burnt to the ground on the night of March 19th – St. Joseph’s day. The fiesta is a huge attraction for tourists, both Spanish […]

Mar 202015
Pet Friendly Holidays in Spain

Last week we were visited by Helena and Stuart, who wanted to spend some time in the spring sunshine on their Pet Friendly Holidays in Spain. They were attracted not only by the chance to have some warmer temperatures than where they live in France, but also by the fact that they were able to bring their lovely dog Angelo along with them to enjoy our pet friendly accommodation. They also decided to have a […]

Nov 102014
Autumn Sunshine Activity Holidays

Autumn Sunshine Activity Holidays! The heat of summer may be over, but the weather continues to be beautiful, with lots of sunshine and very mild temperatures. It is at this time of year – and also of course in the spring – when there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy all the other delights of this part of the Costa Blanca than just the summer seaside attractions. Lucy and Ashley recently returned to us for […]

Jan 012014
2014 Sunshine Activity Holidays

2014 Sunshine Activity Holidays The Costa Blanca is more often than not associated with sunshine, beautiful Mediterranean beaches and great memories of summer holidays spent on the coast. And this is a perfectly correct perception of what the Costa Blanca has to offer – but it is very far from the whole story. More and more people are coming to this part of the northern Costa Blanca in the cooler months of spring and autumn […]

Oct 232013
Autumn Sunshine Holidays

Autumn Sunshine Holidays in 2013 We have been delighted to welcome a steady succession of guests this year who have been taking advantage of the beautiful weather we have been experiencing here on the Costa Blanca. The summer this year has been a very long-lasting one with daytime temperatures in October in the high twenties or occasionally even the low thirties. Night temperatures are of course lower now, which means that the swimming pool is […]

Sep 232013
Bird Watching Holidays

Bird Watching Holidays We were delighted to accept a booking some time ago from Lynn and Steve who were planning a bird watching trip to the Costa Blanca and found our suggested bird watching packages on our website.  We offer a week’s stay with us at Villa Florencia with breakfast and evening meals included, as well as three days birdwatching in conjunction with Valencia Birding – and even packed lunches are included on the bird […]