Sep 232013

Bird Watching Holidays

We were delighted to accept a booking some time ago from Lynn and Steve who were planning a bird watching trip to the Costa Blanca and found our suggested bird watching packages on our website.  We offer a week’s stay with us at Villa Florencia with breakfast and evening meals included, as well as three days birdwatching in conjunction with Valencia Birding – and even packed lunches are included on the bird watching days!  This package suited Lynn and Steve perfectly, as they wanted a holiday in this part of the Costa Blanca that gave them all the birding they wanted but with plenty of time to relax and to do some sightseeing in the area as well.

Mountain-Bird-LifeThey arrived last Saturday, and had arranged to go birding on the Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday – so basically alternate days, interspersed with getting to know the area all around.  The weather has been really excellent for September and was perfect for their purposes – warm and sunny for their whole visit, but not so hot as to be uncomfortable.  They had a really great time on their birdwatching excursions, spending time inland from Valencia, then to the north of the city on their second trip out, and then finally a day in the Albufeira wetlands, which lie between us and Valencia.  The package with evening meal included was just perfect for them too, as after a whole day’s birding they were more than happy to relax in the garden with a drink before dinner on the terrace.


Their excursions included a day spent down at Playa de Gandia where they enjoyed all the facilities of the wonderful beach there but with crowds that are now less intense than in the height on the season.  They also spent a day touring slightly inland and visited the monastery at Simat as well as the picturesque town of Xatva, with its castle and old narrow streets and town squares.


They were really surprised at how different this part of the Costa Blanca is from other parts of Spain they have visited – and how much there is to do in the way of activities in natural surroundings and lovely scenery.  They are so impressed with the area in fact that they are seriously thinking of returning to us maybe next year with some other family members, and possibly renting our self-catering apartment for their next stay.  It would be great to see them again as it was a real pleasure to have them visit us, and they obviously took a real delight in discovering just how much the La Safor region has hidden just waiting to be discovered!

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