Feb 062013
Mountain Biking in the Jalon Valley Spain

Mountain Biking in the Jalon Valley Spain

This week I went Mountain Biking in the Jalon Valley Spain, with my MTB coach David Warrington, who is currently designing a new route for the 2013 mountain biking season. It has been a month since I last road my bike, back in early January we did the first part of the reconnoitre into the mountains above the Jalon Valley Spain.

So why the month off you may ask,….
I have been preparing for,… participating in,… and recovering from,.. the 2013 Gandia Km Vertical, that took place on the 13 January, a gruelling mountain race over 12km with an ascent of 1000m. My knees were a little shot post race so was ORDERED to REST!

So, on Tuesday, well rested and fully recovered, we set off (after out usual morning coffees) from the village of Jalon, the first 12 km was a steady climb from the Jalon Valley Spain, on a good surfaced road (CV-749), we had previously explored the off-road options on this section of the route, so were eager to get to the “new” section, and seeing as I had not been in the saddle for a while, having a good steady pedal seems to make sense.

We stopped for a early lunch, and then went off-road,… some beautiful, remote, technically challenging sections followed before the next part of the climb to get even higher,… more tracks and steady climb, and finally some very impressive views in a multitude of directions, and yes we could actually see the island of Ibiza in the distance.

A short break follow at a viewing point, and then we tackled the descent, a lovely sweeping stoney track of some 6-8 km to bring us back down to sea level, and a final 5km through the orchards to bring us back in the Village of Jalon. A 30km round trip that has again reminded me why I love to Mountain Bike in Spain.
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