Oct 122012

29er Sport Hardtail

Trek Mamba 29er Sport Hardtail,..I have been mountain biking for the past 9 months, and all this time, I have done all my riding on a rental bike from MTB VLC, a Trek 4300 disc. With an upcoming birthday, I decided that it was time to invest in my own bike.
Having done my necessary research, I set off on Monday with my MTB coach, into the Trek Bicycle store in Gandia, with every intention of purchasing a new 4300,…Yes, I could have one, yes, they had my colour, yes, they had my size, but delivery was 2 weeks,….not in time for my birthday!
Then I spotted her,…the new Trek Mamba 29er, in glistening orange and black,…
(I had briefly looked at this bike while doing my research but thought that it was a little out of my league both in terms of budget, and spec of the bike, and had thought it better to stick with what I knew.)
After a brief discussion with my coach (“yes, you can handle the bike”) and salesman (“yes, I can do you a discount, Yes, you can have it today”), the decision was made,… Yes I want one!

I returned one hour later, and for a mere €700, I walked out with my new monster-mountain-tamer.
Trek 29er Sport Hardtail mountain bikes are the most fun, most confidence-inspiring big wheelers around. No surprise, since Trek has more 29er experience than any other company.
RockShox XC32 fork, Bontrager AT-850 rims, Shimano Deore/Alivio 9-speed drivetrain, Hayes hydraulic disc brakes,
29″ wheels = More momentum
A bigger wheel holds its momentum better, so you keep rolling over rough stuff and maintain your speed through the corners.

I have put some 60 kilometres on her in the three days since I took possession, all on-road, just to get used to the new feel and gearing, and so far I am pretty impressed, the true test will be next week Monday when I take her out to the trails for the first time,…..

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