Feb 172011

Two Beautiful Spanish Hot Spots

Home to citrus groves, mountains and the immensely wonderfully delicious ‘paella’, Valencia is one of those gem-locations of Spain, infused with Moorish history, saffron, spices and sun. Its history is thick and goes a long way back and then some: the city was invaded by Moors (Berbers and Arabs) in 714 AD. After this Islamic culture settled in, it grew as a city and began to trade in paper, silk, leather, ceramics, glass and silver-work.

The landscape is stunning. It is situated at the middle of the Spanish part of the Mediterranean coastline, and framed by mountains and plains that stare ahead to the Balearic Islands.

A wonderful idea for a holiday is hiring a car and driving to this Balearic bliss from sweet-scented Valencia. It would offer a good sense of Spain’s varying geography and far corners; sample Valencia’s ripe and rich vibrancy and heat and history, before wheeling it off to the party island.

The island didn’t actually become the hedonistic hub it is now until post-1960s. However, it is a destination all-too easily forgotten as one of impressive, natural beauty. It is certainly one of those most well-trodden corners of Spain, and actually has a history) has a history going back to the times of the Phoenicians, back to 654 BC. Originally known as ‘Pitiusas’, which means Pine Covered Islands. Still, this is relevant. Away from the lights and loved-up party people, is lush landscape, covered in pines, wooded hills and decadent almost and orange groves.

Both landscapes make for the perfect driving holiday, and a road trip through this extraordinary stunning, Spanish scenery is a recommended way of seeing the country and making the most of its lush geography on a holiday. It’s easy enough to get around via car hire. Companies like Ritmocars, who specialise in hiring out vehicles in the Balearics, are useful for this. Check their website for car hire in Ibiza; there are so many unspoilt parts of Ibiza, and untouched areas of Spain in general waiting to be discovered. A car gives you the luxury and liberty to go the distance from Valencia to Ibiza the way you want.

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