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Costa Blanca - The Heart of Spain

Costa Blanca - The Heart of Spain

Costa Blanca – The Heart of Spain

Costa Blanca is located on the East Coast of Spain and incorporates the well known destinations of Valencia, Alicante and Benidorm. It is a very popular tourist resort for a variety of reasons- both among families and groups of younger people- who tend to appear in peak seasons for the stunning weather and nightlife. The beaches in Costa Blanca are very popular amongst both groups however:- with rolling miles of fine, golden- white sand (where the region gets it’s name) and gorgeous blue seas. Many of the beaches have been awarded with the European Blue Flag for cleanliness. There are many hotels, villas and apartments on offer to tourists- and a large amount of these hotels are found situated a mere stone’s throw from these aforementioned beaches.

What with being a coastal region; Costa Blanca is host to a wide range of activities to keep tourists and locals alike occupied- popular water sports include jet skiing, water skiing, parascending, windsurfing, snorkelling, scuba diving and sailing. If you would prefer to stay out of the water, then golf is a popular choice with over 15 courses located in and around Costa Blanca. Tuition is available and there are facilities for you to hire all of the equipment. Hiking is definitely recommended as it is a great way to see the mountainous landscapes of Costa Blanca and experience some amazing views. There are also a variety of theme parks in the Region- there are a few water parks and even a safari park- though it can be speculated that these are more family orientated outings.

Although Spanish Cuisine is obviously the food one will come across the most Costa Blanca offers a variety of different cuisines such as Indian, British, Italian and Chinese to name a few and the nightlife of Costa Blanca is exceptional and a favourite with tourists every year. There is karaoke, cocktails, live entertainment, live music and clubs with various music played almost every night. What with the Costa Blanca being such a popular tourist resort and what with it being fairly populated it is home to a number of supermarkets and shopping centers- there are are plenty of chances to shop and many different products on offer. These include clothing, designer clothing, jewellery, souvenirs, electronic goods and small crafts:- you tend to find the latter in quiet village retreats- many of these can be accessed through tours with guides telling you local histories, stories and showing you various attractions in the villages- like honey farms etc.

Costa Blanca is a destination that gives off hot temperatures during the summer and has mild winters. During the summer, temperatures have been known to reach 40°C, although mainly they stay at a solid 30°C. One may find this sun shining for at least 12 hours a day in the summer- with (very) occasional rainfall in the winter.

The region’s public transport is exemplary- regular bus and train services are utlilised by thousands regularly and there are several companies incorporating car hire Valencia is a prime example of an urban area where one may obtain such a method of transportation.

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