Pet Friendly Accommodation

Oct 132010

We have always said that we offer pet-friendly accommodation, and on Saturday two girls arrived from Madrid with their beautiful greyhound to stay for the weekend.  The dog had come from a rescue association, and had lived with the girls for about six months, but was still very scared of strangers, especially men!  However, he realised that he was in a safe environment and was in no danger, and soon got to know our own three dogs.
Shortly after they arrived, the girls and the dog went to the beach for a walk and returned to the house a couple of hours later.  When they came back, it was clear that the dog felt much more relaxed in his surroundings, and was content to wander in the garden a little, although he never went very far from his owners.
On Sunday they went to the beach at Oliva for the day, but when they came back their dog was happy to take snacks from our hands – something he would not do before with a man.  By the time they left on Monday, the dog was much more relaxed in our company and they said they would like to return to stay with us again.  We hope they will come back soon!

I Love Grey Hounds : Yo Quiero Galgos