Oct 312010
Vacation Spain

This week has seen the arrival of guests from the UK, Paul and Patricia, accompanied by their Aunt Beryl, arrived on the same day as Christian and Jacqui, and coincidentally are also looking for property in the area.  In fact they had come to look at a house that they had seen in the past but when they arrived, they found to their disappointment that it had already been sold.  However, undeterred, they set off […]

Oct 312010
Bed and Breakfast Holidays - Spain

This week has seen the arrival of guests from the UK and France. Christian is French and Jacqui is English, and they decided to take a break from running their B & B in south-west France and at the same time have a look in our area with a view possibly to relocating and retiring here in the future.  They have been in the Bed & Breakfast business for ten years and it has been […]

Oct 242010
Web Designers Working Holiday

Web Designers Vincent Verbruggen & Herwig Claeys , taking some time out to brainstorm away from the office. Another Z-webdesign offers modern and functional webdesign, with a clear layout, attractive design and efficient navigation.  Apart from ‘static’ websites they also offer ‘dynamic’ websites in cooperation with TSE-Web Design. This makes it possible for clients to maintain their own website, and to develop online shops, database systems, webapplications, etc.

Oct 182010

Other interesting places to visit on your Spanish holiday,… El Caminito del Rey (English: The King’s little pathway) is a walkway or via ferrata, now fallen into disrepair, pinned along the steep walls of a narrow gorge in El Chorro, near Álora in the district of Málaga, Spain. The name is often shortened to Camino del Rey.In 1901 it became obvious that workers at the hydroelectric power plants at Chorro Falls and Gaitanejo Falls needed […]

Oct 182010
Food & Wine of Valencia

A Paradise on Earth for carnivores and seafood lovers, Valencia does not cater so well for vegetarians, although the wealth of fresh fruit and vegetables available in this sun-kissed part of the world mean that hearty vegetable soups and stews are always an option. Wine lovers are bound to be ecstatic during a trip to Valencia, meanwhile – among other choices, the region is a prime producer of the Cava sparkling wine that is increasingly giving Champagne a run for its money.

Oct 132010
Pet Friendly Accommodation

We have always said that we offer pet-friendly accommodation, and on Saturday two girls arrived from Madrid with their beautiful greyhound to stay for the weekend.  The dog had come from a rescue association, and had lived with the girls for about six months, but was still very scared of strangers, especially men!  However, he realised that he was in a safe environment and was in no danger, and soon got to know our own […]

B&B in October

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Oct 062010
B&B in October

The end of September and the beginning of October is when one of Gandía’s most celebrated fiestas takes place – Fira i Festes – which basically celebrates the way life in Gandía was back in the early 17th century at the time of Frances de Borja, the town’s most famous son.  This year is the 500th anniversary of his birth, so there is a further time of celebration in a month’s time to coincide with […]

Deadly Secrets by Robert Tenison

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Oct 022010
Deadly Secrets by Robert Tenison

Andy Montalvo arrives in the Southern Spanish coastal resort of Los Cipreses following the unexpected death of his old friend Mike Cameron. As Andy looks into Mike’s death, he finds himself drawn into an investigation involving greed, corruption and money laundering by the beautiful, but engimatic, Cristina Ibañez. Together, Andy and Cristina uncover more details about Mike’s death, as well as the money laundering operation, but the body count rises before they finally establish the […]