Jun 112010

11 June 2010 Despedida de Soltero.

The Mobile Disco came to the Villa Flo!

Usually, the “despedida” party-goers come from far and wide to celebrate the impending wedding of the boy or girl involved.  Part of the purpose of the trip to Gandia and the Villa Flo is the lively nightlife to be enjoyed in Playa de Gandia – usually much better that what is on offer in their hometowns.  So what does a group of lads do for their party when they actually come from this area themselves?  Instead of going out to the probably familiar clubs…..they make their own club here!!

Friday afternoon saw the arrival of a group of boys from the Gandia area to celebrate Javi’s despedida.  But along with the usual overnight bags, an enormous array of music equipment was brought up the path, to be proudly installed on the terrace – and taking up most of the space there!  Mixing decks, amplifiers, light displays, smoke machines and huge speakers were set up, and the sounds soon started pulsating around the Marchuquera valley!  The party continued through to the small hours of the morning when things quietened down, only to start up again by the middle of the morning!  The lads were all having a great time, spending time during the day on Saturday in and around the pool, making a huge paella on gas burners in the garden and generally enjoying themselves.  Saturday night fell, and it was party time again with fabulous light displays up on the terrace and lots more dance music going for the rest of the night………