Jun 232010
Fiesta de San Juan on the Beach 23/06/2010
Passeig Marítim Neptú (Platja de Gandia)
One more year, Gandia City Council invites you to celebrate the most magical night of the year to the seashore and Batuka pace. Thus, from 2215 h, on the promenade Neptú, two percussion groups encourage those present to participate in the festival and will accompany you to the fire located on the sandy beach. The group will leave from the end Baket Beach (north) and the group will Shekere from the church of Sant Nicolau to the fire. At 24 h, in the same promenade, facing the street Rabida, fires a firework display, and in end, it will burn the San Juan Bonfire Batuka pace.
On the night of San Juan the huge Gandia beach will be filled with people and bonfires. It is pretty much just a huge crowd drinking together. The Gandia beach will resemble a Viking night camp, wildly celebrating victory. After all, it’s only once a year that the police looks the other way while you burn fires and get wildly drunk on the beach! If you are a younger traveller (or an older and adventurous), you will have a fantastic time in the mayhem of San Juan. The party will go on all nigth long. If you wish, you can participate in the old San Juan tradition – jumping over a bonfire while making a wish.
There is no secific location. The entire beach will be packed. You won’t be able to miss it. Bring your drinks.