Jun 202010
Early on Friday afternoon the first two cars of the expedition drew up in the car park…..this was the advance party of 2 guys (one being the groom), who were being terribly organised and dropping off the first delivery of drinks (to go in the fridges asap!) as well as the first of the food!  They had driven from their hometown of Cuenca, between Valencia and Madrid, which is famous for its so-called “Hanging Houses”.  Next, it was off to Gandía to buy what else was needed for the weekend’s catering needs!  During the afternoon the rest of the guests gradually arrived, and by evening the party was ready to get going!
Much of their time was spent around the barbecue, and most of the weekend’s food was prepared and cooked outdoors – it was a perfect weekend for enjoying the garden and pool.  The terrace doors were open, and the music sounded out across the gardens, putting everyone in a good party mood.  Most of the guys stayed up all Friday night enjoying the ambience of the surroundings, although some chose to catch forty winks.  This meant that by Saturday morning, some were getting up for the day, whilst others were thinking it might be time for bed!!  More barbecues and time in the garden marked the way most of the weekend was spent, and thankfully the weather played along perfectly.  Warm sunshine was just what was needed to make this a great outdoor party weekend.
Sunday saw more of the same, although most of the guys were up for a fairly early start this morning – not having had such a late night the day before!  They cooked more food on the barbecue and spent the rest of the day enjoying the great weather – it looks like summer is here to stay at last!