Unexpected Guests!

May 222010
After things had returned to normal after the stag party had left, a cousin of ours was scheduled to visit for the week, arriving on the Tuesday.  We had anticipated a quiet week, and were thinking we would be able to spend some time with her, showing her the area.
As it turned out, we then had a succession of unexpected last-minute B&B guests arrive – a Canadian couple and two Belgian couples – that also spent most of the week with us.  They were also very nice and welcome guests, who in turn were pleasantly surprised with the facilities on offer at Villa Florencia.  Despite having a nearly full house, we were able to take our cousin on short trips around the area as well as take a tour of the Borgia Palace in Gandía – almost our local equivalent of a stately home!
The weather was just wonderful all week, so everyone was able to enjoy the gardens and pool area around the house when not out on an excursion somewhere in the neighbourhood.  Our cousin’s trip ended on Saturday, when we took her to an airport hotel in Valencia, in anticipation of a very early flight home to the USA on Sunday morning.  On the way to the hotel, however, we detoured through the city itself, driving through the historic part, as well as past the architecturally stunning City of Arts & Sciences.
Valencia City of Arts and Sciences