A Stag Party

May 172010

New Moon has risen and 17 men have arrived,….Stag Party Spain.

Last Friday afternoon (May 14th) saw the arrival of a British stag party to Villa Florencia.  The groom was the twin brother of a past guest, who (in his capacity of Best Man) was the organiser of the party.
After an inauspicious beginning with a brief thunderstorm on Friday evening, the skies returned to their beautiful blue for the rest of the weekend, and a wonderful time was had by all.  The weekend was punctuated for them by barbeques, a go-karting expedition, nights out at the dance clubs in Playa de Gandía, and a Saturday night dinner in a restaurant there as well.
They were all sorry when the time came to leave early evening on the Sunday, which fortunately they were able to do as planned, despite a threatening volcanic ash-cloud circling the skies above the UK.  They all agreed they had had a thoroughly enjoyable time, and even managed to get in some sun-tanning time around the pool as well.  From our point of view, they were great guests, who behaved themselves very well, and we hope they might be able to return to us as holidaymaking guests with wives and girlfriends at some time in the future!