Apr 202010

The “Monasteries Route” – or “Ruta dels Monestirs” as it is called locally – provides an itinerary which passes through the central areas of Valencia, linking five ancient convents or monasteries. It can be done easily by road with direct access to the monasteries, or equally well on foot using the GR-236 hiking path, which follows medieval mountain paths (the Pas del Pobre), authentic old tracks, and old railway lines. Along its 90km length from Gandía to Alzira we pass through a wide range of villages, valleys, rivers and mountains.

The Monestir de Sant Jeroni near Alfauir was built by Alfons el Vell (Duke of Gandía) in order to take in the Jeroni monks of Javea in 1388. A particularly outstanding feature is the gothic style cloisters, and also well worth visiting are the Romantic style gardens which were constructed by the Trénor family, who are still the current owners.

The Convent del Corpus Christi near Llutxent dates from 1422 when Dominican monks began its construction, and in fact the first Valencian university was housed here. Right by the monastery you will find the Corpus Christi Church, built in a mediterranean gothic style, and which was declared a national monument in 1982.

There is a wide variety of architectural styles to be found at the Monestir de la Valledigna in Simat, including gothic influences of the 14th century, and baroque influences of the 17th & 18th centuries. In 1991 the Valencian Government acquired the monastery in order to carry out restoration and refurbishment works, which were completed in 1998 when the building was re-opened.

The oldest of the workings at the Convent d’Aigües Vives in the area near Carcaixent date back to the 13th century, but the construction of the current building was originally undertaken in the 15th century. The cloisters, which have vaults with baroque-style interior decorations, are especially welcoming to the visitor, whilst the convent’s tiling is a fine example of 18th century Valencian ceramics.

The Monastir de la Murta near Alzira was founded between the 15th & 16th centuries. Especially noteworthy is the tower known as the Torre dels Coloms and also the renaissance style gate, above which a coat of arms is still to be seen. This belongs to the Vich family who were owners and benefactors of the monastery for many years. In 1989 the Town Hall of Alzira acquired the property and began the restoration of this historic monastery

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